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bcymwangscore:5.0 / 52019-02-09

Coming to Beijing for the first time, chose this city centre hotel, hotel for some years, but it's important to say it three times, and lots, lots, lots, news is on the third floor of the building across from South Gate of Beijing's famous Shabu meat, out of 100 meters is subway dongdan station, next to the bus is accessible, there is nothing to say, highly recommended!
milliegatesscore:4.5 / 52019-01-16

Travel stay is better, but it is an old hotel, equipment and some old, supporting around around because it was in Chang an avenue, slightly fewer points, there are many convenience stores can walk a few more steps.
bell98score:4.0 / 52019-01-13

Established five-star hotels, high cost performance
DennisLvscore:5.0 / 52019-01-02

The location was excellent, just around dinner, not much
arxiaoscore:5.0 / 52019-01-01

Well worthy of promotion
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